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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

5 Common Instagram Theme Errors - Learn From My Mistakes

5 Common Instagram Theme Errors - Learn From My MistakesWHAT DAY IS IT? 
Today, in this final post for January 2018, I'm sharing with you 5 common Instagram theme errors that I've seen a lot of my followers make, some of which I've made myself in the past!



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Today, in this final post for January 2018, I'm sharing with you 5 common Instagram theme errors that I've seen a lot of my followers make, some of which I've made myself in the past! You ready? Let's jump in!

Here are:

5 Common Instagram Theme Errors - Learn From My Mistakes

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In the past, I've spoken a lot about creating and maintaining your Instagram theme, and I'm not going to repeat myself here. So let's just cut the fluff and get to the point. 

1. Deleting too many old posts!

First off, I will say that deleting old pictures is necessary to bringing together a beautiful, cohesive feed. Sometimes, certain images feel like a good idea, or need to be posted, even if they don't really fit in with the rest of your feed. So, a few days later, it makes sense to delete these posts in the interest of maintaining your theme. (We'll talk a little bit about this later in this post)

However, I see a lot of people going back and doing a massive 'spring clean' of their feed, deleting every other post because it doesn't fit in with their brand new, expert-recommended theme. 

Here's the thing: a mis-matched feed is miles better than an empty one!

If you delete too many old images, keep in mind that you're deleting all the engagement they received! This may not immediately affect your popularity online. It might, however, lead potential followers to think you post very rarely, and that's usually quite a turn-off.

So while the occasional weeding is necessary, don't delete every one of your old posts because it doesn't fit your new aesthetic!

2. No fixed colour schemes.

Alright now let's take what I just said and turn it on its head. Sure, a mis-matched feed is better than an empty one, but you know what's even better? A coherent feed! 

Now you can pick a specific colour scheme and stick to it, or you could pick a common theme. All of your posts do not need to look identical (in fact, I highly recommend they don't!), but there needs to be a common thread between them all. 

Here's my favourite litmus test to see if my feed is coherent: When people look at my Instagram bio, are they able to describe it in one word, and one word only? If the answer is no, then I need to rethink my theme-strategy. 

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3. White space (that may not always be white!)

Okay a lot of people ask me about how they can create 'white space' in their feed without making it dull and boring. I get it - white is not your thing. That's totally cool!

'White space' is usually used inter-changeably with what is technically known as negative space. Basically, negative space is any part of your design (in this case, image) that is plain and unused. Think of it as all the space in your room that doesn't have any furniture on it - that's white space!

More often than not, white space is an illusion that helps things look bigger, lighter and cleaner. In your Instagram feed, white space can create an effect of levity and neatness. 

The quickest, easiest way to add white space to your feed is by including a visible white (or any other coloured) border around every image. This need not be a square border, as long as all four sides of your image are wrapped. Now when you put the bordered images together, it will create a good amount of negative space in your feed!

4. SO. Many. Giveaway. Posts.

This is especially common for newer, super-niche accounts.

I get it. Giveaways are amazing, I run them frequently. And I also get the whole 'repost for extra entries' thing, I've used it in the past. Here's the thing: once the giveaway is over, no one cares whether you still have their post on your feed!

It is such a turn-off when I'm scrolling through someone's Instagram page, and I see a whole bunch of giveaway posts (that are not their own), from contests that have ended weeks or months ago! Why do you still have them on your feed? They don't match your aesthetic, they don't add value to your feed, and they're just dead space. Go back and delete EVERY ONE OF THEM. Do it now!

5. Your own giveaway posts.

Alright if you're lucky enough to be in the position to run your own giveaways (thank you, interwebz!), you should, by all means, advertise the crap out of it. I know I do! Having said that, this ends up the same way as my last point - you don't need to hold on to every single giveaway reminder post after you've closed entries!

Personally, when I'm trying to establish a theme and a pattern, I make sure that my giveaway posts match that aesthetic in some way, while still standing out from the rest of the posts. I also like to hold on to some of the giveaway posts so that potential followers know that this is a thing I do, and that following me totally comes with fringe benefits. 

However, I know that a lot of us post ultra-frequently in the week leading up to the giveaway close date, and these are the posts you want to get rid of! Once your giveaway has closed and they have served their purpose, there is no need for all of these reminder posts to hang around (unless they somehow hold your theme together). Go back and EXTERMINATE!

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So, to sum up this super quick post, here are 5 common Instagram Theme Errors that you need to fix now!

  1. Deleting too many old posts - no empty chairs at empty tables please!
  2. Have a fixed colour scheme! This can be as rigid or versatile as you like by stick with it!
  3. Create an illusion of (or literal) "white" space to make your feed look light and clean.
  4. Delete old giveaway entries! You don't need them anymore!
  5. And while your at it, delete old posts about your own giveaways - you don't need those, either!
.....I've just noticed that a lot of my posts are made of 'Top 5's.... Eh, I guess the list game is too strong!

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5 Common Instagram Theme Errors - Learn From My Mistakes

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