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Friday, 1 December 2017

15 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Creative Person You Love!

15 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Creative Person You Love!This is your new Christmas shopping list. Seriously. They really don't need another pair of socks.

Let's face it. Creative people are not the easiest to buy presents for.

It's December, y'all! You know what that means!

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If you're a creative looking for some hints to drop this Christmas, feel free to casually share this post. If you've been linked to this post by a loved one, HERE IS YOUR HINT! This is your new Christmas shopping list. Seriously. They really don't need another pair of socks.

Let's face it. Creative people are not the easiest to buy presents for. Sure, you could lob together an expensive pen with a nice card, but let me tell you now: the recipient of this "gift" will almost certainly be underwhelmed. Personally, my favourite part of Christmas is watching the faces of people I love glow up when they open the presents I got them. Call it selfish pride, but there is such joy in knowing that you've managed to give them something they definitely love, and will use, and that is the true essence of the Holiday spirit for me.

As is the norm on the Bulleting Bird website by now, I've done all the heavy thinking for you, so you can only focus on the fun part, i.e. the actual Christmas shopping!

But before we get into the post, I want to give you not one, but two presents this month! Throughout December, all my newsletter subscribers get two awesome freebies (plus some extra behind the scenes info, plus a surprise!) so if you haven't received yours already, sign up using the form below and check your inbox!

15 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Creative Person You Love!

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Done that? Brilliant!

Let's get into the post!

Here are

15 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Creative Person You Love!

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Disclaimer 1:

This post contains affiliate links, unless otherwise mentioned. It does not affect any purchase you make in any way, but it just means that I might make a tiny commission for linking you to the product. Creatives helping creatives, yo!

1.  The Creoly Th[ink] Dotted Hardbound Notebook

Of course, I must begin by mentioning this awesome deal from Creoly, UK, who are offering Bulleting Bird readers 20% off their Th[ink] Hardbound Dotted Notebook with the code ‘ DOT20 ’ at checkout on their website! The Th[ink] Hardbound Dotted Notebook is a very high-quality, beautiful product that Creoly so kindly sent me and I’m absolutely moving into it come January! I highly recommend giving this baby a go for those of you who know bullet journal enthusiasts (or are enthusiasts, I won’t tell ;) )!

Check out this post for more details about this notebook and the amazing deal!

Average Price: $15 (£10.99) ; the discount code brings the price down to about $12 (£8.79)

DISCLAIMER 2: While the Th[ink] Hardbound Dotted Notebook was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, none of these links are sponsored, and I make no money off your purchase with Creoly. I genuinely love this product, and I want you to give it a try!

2. A Set of Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

If you know a brush-lettering or watercolour enthusiast, and they don’t have a set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens already, they seriously need a set! These babies come with one bullet-tipped end, and another brush-tipped end, making it perfect for….well, anything!

I’m going to be honest, these are a bit of a splurge for just marker pens, but hey, it’s Christmas! Indulge a little!

Average Price: $15 - $30 (depending on the size of the pack)

Shop Tombow Dual Brush Pens:

3. Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens

These are hands-down some of the best fineliners in the planet. At first, I was a bit put off by all the hype around the Pitt Artist Pens, because the most-hyped-about products are usually the most disappointing, but boy was I wrong! 

These babies write so smoothly, even on fairly toothy paper, and the ink is very highly pigmented. I speak more about the Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens in this post, so go check it out for further detail!

Average Price: $7 - $20 (depending on the size of the pack)

Shop Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens

4.  Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Alright, if you’ve been following my Instagram or Twitter recently, you’ll know that I’m on a self-help book binge. One of the first results that pop up when you look up the term ‘books to increase creativity’ is this absolutely spectacular master-piece from Elizabeth Gilbert, the creative genius behind Eat, Pray, Love.

Big Magic talks about ‘Creative living beyond fear’ and I’m not sure just how she does it, but Elizabeth Gilbert will make her readers feel absolutely amazing and ready to take their creativity out for a spin by the end of this book! Definitely a must-have for a creative bookworm, and the hard copy makes for a gorgeous gift.

Average Price: $7 - $20 (depending on the format of the book)

Shop Big Magic and Similar Books

5. A Graphics Tablet

Alright, this one’s a bit niche, but I have to mention it since it is one of the relatively inexpensive, but easily the best of all the investments I’ve made into my art. A graphics tablet allows you replace the mouse with a stylus on a touch pad, so you can basically draw on the computer.

The one I use is the Wacom Intuos DRAW, a fairly basic drawing tablet that plugs into any computer or laptop via USB (or Blutetooth, if you buy the expansion). It takes about ten minutes to install and set-up, and is incredibly affordable, seeing as it is one of Wacom’s low range products. To be honest, given the oddly short learning curve and the number of features you get with it, the Intuos DRAW is one that every digital art newbie must try. Of course for the more seasoned artist there are loads of advanced tablets, but this little gem will always be precious to me!

Average Price: $50+ (depending on the make, model and brand of the tablet)

Shop Wacom Intuos

6. The Derwent Graphic Set of Pencils

Ahhh the Derwent Graphics… These were the first real set of pencils I ever used, back when I was just getting started with drawing. They were gifted to me by some incredibly kind family friends, and though this was back in 2011 (about six years ago), I still use these bad boys to this day! Seriously, the 24 tin will probably last me another six years!

The Derwent Graphic pencils are really, really smooth, sharpen to a perfect point, and erase off with no hassle. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about these, except maybe that I can never have enough of them! They blend, they are pigmented, they come in a huge range of tones – what more could you possibly ask for? As the name suggests, these are specifically aimed at artists, and this is seen in the amazing quality of the pencils themselves, as well as the sleek packaging. If you know a budding pencil artist, this is definitely the way to go!

Average Price: $9 - $20 (depending on the size of the pack)

Shop Derwent Graphic Pencils:

7. A Moleskine Notebook

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know all about Moleskine already. But just in case you don’t, Moleskine is a British brand that creates bespoke notebooks, which are really popular among writers and journalists. They draw inspiration from the old Masters, and have an amazing artisanal feel to them.

The great thing about Moleskines is that not only are they excellent for writers – they come in ruled, squared and dotted formats – they also have high page-density sketchbooks to cater to the visual artist! A Moleskine notebook is an amazing present for someone who truly appreciates fine stationery and will love it the way it deserves to be loved.

Average Price: $9 - $25(depending on the size of the notebook)

Shop Moleskine Notebooks:

8. Matching Office Supplies

Speaking of fine stationery, a great idea for someone you don’t know too well, or someone who is very difficult to shop for, is matching stationery! This is also an amazing gift choice for people who are setting up a new office or are moving on to a new job. There are loads of brands online and in shops that create stationery products by the set, and these are usually reduced around Holiday season, so you should definitely take advantage of these flash sales!

Average Price: Variable

9. A Design Software Subscription

I couldn’t suggest gifting a graphics tablet without a software to go with it. Drawing and Designing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter or Adobe InDesign is usually the bread and butter of graphic designers or digital artists. However, for those just starting out, covering the subscription cost of these is nearly impossible. 

The software is not cheap by any means, so this one’s a bit of a splurge. However, if you’re truly looking to give a valuable present to a creative you love dearly, you can never go wrong with a subscription to a good, high-functioning design software. They will honestly thank you, even if it’s just for a sixteen-digit subscription code!

Average Price: $50+

Shop Design Software:

10. A Course They Really Want To Take

Keeping with the subscription theme, creatives are always looking for new ways to hone their craft – this is what I love most about creative living. The ability to constantly push boundaries in your day job is quite a privilege!

I can almost guarantee that the creative you love has their eye on multiple courses – online or in real life – that they really want to take, but have been putting off because of financial issues, or simply because it isn’t a priority at the moment. This will definitely be a great hit on Christmas Day! Besides, what better gift is there to give, than the gift of knowledge?

Average Price: Variable

11. A Subscription Box

(Pic courtesy:
Yes, another subscription gift, but this one require way less thought than any of the presents so far! There are a ton of subscription box services that cater to stationery lovers, artists and other creatives. The great thing about this is, it’s a gift that keeps giving! A three or six month long subscription to one of these services means that your creative gets incredibly valuable gifts and goodies every month, and most of these are things they can really use! 

The service usually does all the thinking for you, which means all you have to do is subscribe once, then sit back and watch.

Some great stationery subscription boxes can be found at this link.

(Psst! This is also a great idea for people who love beauty products, makeup, coffee, tea, candles, books – anything that is commonly appreciated almost certainly has some form of subscription service!)

Average Price: Variable

12. Decent headphones

Alright this is quite an obvious choice for musicians – high quality headphones can make all the difference in the world to the work of singers, instrumentalists, and music directors and producers, not to mention dancers and even sportspeople!

Personally, I find that music (or simply white noise) is a crucial element to all of my work – drawing, journaling, writing, even just website or social media management! Not only does it cut out external distractions, but the kind of music you listen to often has an effect on the quality and mood of your work. With a pair of good, portable and long-lasting headphones, not only are you helping those whose work is quite literally music, you will also be providing other creatives with a great medium of inspiration.

Average Price: Variable, depending on the brand and features

Shop Headphones:

13. The Artist’s Way Gift Set

If you’ve looked up anything to do with creativity, you’ve probably come across Julia Cameron’s amazing brain-child called The Artist’s Way. This twelve-week program – available in the form of a book – has single-handedly pulled me out of a four-year-long creative block and boosted my creativity, while also significantly improving the rest of my life, and doing absolute miracles for my mental health! The effects of this course are almost instant, and though it is marketed as a “spiritual way to higher creativity”, the book itself is jam-packed with serious, practical advice and amazing creative exercises that will honestly help relieve any mental or creative block that may ever have existed!

The Artist’s Way gift sets usually also include a workbook or journal which goes with the original book, though simply the book itself makes for an amazing gift!

Average Price: $10 - $30 (depending on the format)

Shop The Artist's Way:

14. An iTunes Subscription

I didn’t realize the true value of an iTunes subscription until I got really into podcasts! Although I use a free podcast service, an iTunes subscription would be an incredibly useful and thoughtful present (Mum, Dad, I hope you’re reading this!). Not only does it give your creative (who now probably has a decent pair of headphones) access to a lot of good music, it also gives them some really good podcasts which contains amazing advice to help them along with their creative career!

Here’s a post where I spoke about my top five podcasts, though there are thousands of really good shows that cater to every form of creativity!

Average Price: $9 - $15 per month 

15. A Gift Card To Their Favourite Store

Alright, this one is a bit of a lazy gift for those of you who don’t really have the time to hand-pick a present for the creative person in your family or group of friends. A gift card to their favourite art or stationery and craft store (or any niche shop they really love) is sure to be a hit with any creative. 

We love buying shiny new toys to play with, and while a gift card may not be the most personal and thoughtful present, it will most definitely be highly appreciated!

Average Price: Variable

As I mentioned before, most of these links are affiliate links, so if you don't mind me making a tiny commission off your purchase, please do go ahead and click through!

I hope you've found this post useful, and that it helps make Christmas shopping a little less stressful for you. Also, every one of these makes for an amazing gift for yourself, and I absolutely won't tell! ;)

If you love this post (or you want to drop a casual hint), please remember to share it with a friend!

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15 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Creative Person You Love!

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15 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Creative Person You Love!

As always, I hope this post has been super helpful, and that it inspires some awesome gift-giving this Christmas! Please feel free to drop in ans say hello on my Instagram, Twitter or e-mail, I absolutely love hearing from all you lovely people!

Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you guys again very soon!

All my love,

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15 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Creative Person You Love!

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