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Thursday, 12 July 2018


Ahhhhhh! I've spent all of last weekend feeling super nostalgic, catching up with some old friends and reliving some great times.

And that got me feeling super nostalgic about a whole bunch of other areas of my life, which, naturally, ended up with me looking back at my Bullet Journal journey.

You see, I started my very first Bullet Journal in the March of 2017, with a yellow Leuchtturm 1917 A5 dot-grid notebook. At the time, it was definitely one of the most luxurious possessions, and one that I was incredibly excited to receive in the mail!

I remember doing a little happy dance with my roommate, Issie at the time, since we were both so into planning, stationery and organisation! By the way, you should totally check out Issie's blog by clicking here, she is like 300% more organised than I am!

At the time, I was just beginning to recover from a severe bout of major depression, and I'm almost certain that this innocuous notebook was a huge catalyst to my recovery!

If you've been with me from the very beginning, back before we even reached 100 followers, you'll know just how difficult times were, and just how much of a transformation has occurred in my life in just over a year. And I have no one but Ryder Carroll to thank!

So today, I'm taking you through the early stages of my mental health recovery journey, as we flip through my very first Bullet Journal!

Check out the flipthrough video below!

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And finally, here are a couple of my absolute favourite spreads from my very first Bullet Journal.

So there you go, guys, I hope you've enjoyed this flip-through. I thought it'd be fun to go back and look at just how much growth has occurred since I first started, and I'm gonna be honest, I didn't even realise just how different my life is today!

As always, please do share your own self-improvement journey here, or over on Instagram, Twitter, or via E-Mail! I absolutely love hearing from you lovely people, so send me some happy mail! 

Thank you so very much for being here and checking out some earlier stages of my journey today, and I'll see you again next week!

All my love,

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