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Friday, 30 March 2018

Freelance Career Advice (a.k.a. how to deal with obnoxious clients!)

What day is it?


And today I have for you what was probably the most fun episode to ever create! Why? Because no other topic gets me so wound up and chatty as that of freelancing.

Today, I'm sharing some serious career advice (j.k. there is nothing serious about this) for those of you starting out, or considering starting out as a freelancer. Check out the full length version of this episode by clicking the image below!

Not sure what to expect? Listen to the minisode on the player below, or at this link!

Also, if you're looking for some freelancer laughs, check out:

  1. Clients From Hell
  2.  For Exposure
Seriously, I'm literally always scrolling through those accounts when I feel crap about my job!

Alright, you guys, I hope this episode is enlightening, and remember to tell me what you think over on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or via e-mail!

Thank you so much for listening to me today, I love hearing from you everyday!

All my love,

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