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Friday, 26 January 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! YOU GUYS I HAVE A MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT

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After much deliberation, motivation and procrastination, I've finally take a deep breath and decided to start my own podcast!

On 'Solid Gold, Baby' I talk about creativity, goal-setting, motivation, deeper philosophical stuff, practical business and content advice, and so much more!

New, free 15-minute episodes will come out every Friday on this blog as well as the podcast's Patreon page, but my Patrons will get early access to the full 1-hour long episodes, the transcripts, and a bunch of bonus content that comes with each episode every Tuesday!

Episode 1 comes out on Tuesday, January 30th, so go grab your seat (and your headphones) NOW!

So if you've got an extra second, I'd love for you to check out the Patreon page by clicking the banner below, and follow the page for updates and new episodes!

Done that? Awesome!

Let's jump in.


Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Business accounts

One of the most frequent concerns I've found in most Instagram users is this: What the heck is a Business account, and do I need it?

Let me begin by saying that no, you do not need a Business account. But I can promise you, you want to make the switch!

An Instagram Business account is, very simply, a basic account on steroids. Alongwith the ability to add contact details, you also get access to Analytics, and you can 'boost' your posts through Instagram ads.

Personally, I switched to a Business account for the analytics, as well as the ability for people to directly e-mail me without having to manually copy and paste my e-mail address into their 'To' field, etc. To me, a Business Instagram account gives me the one feature I always look for in any social platform: it makes it very easy for my audience to get in touch with me. That's how I run my business, through ease of communication, and I try my best to make sure that comes across through every project I create.

Switching to an Instagram Business Account

Ever since Facebook took over Instagram, a lot of the app's features have become slightly irritating and very heavily policed. Annoying as it may be, I still think it's more than worth the effort.

In order to have a Business account, you will need to have a Facebook page for your Business. Not a profile or a group, a specific Facebook Business Page.

Yeah, I know, this wasn't a thing a few years ago, when I was running my art business on Instagram. I was annoyed too. But honestly, it doesn't have to be an active page, just something that exists. 

Once you've made your Facebook page, switching from a Personal account to a Business one is easy as pie. Simply go to your Instagram profile page, open the Options menu, and look for the option that says 'Switch to Business Account'. That's literally it! And you always have the option to switch back to a Personal account just as easily.


You've heard bloggers throw the word 'Analytics' around a lot, and you've probably been a little daunted by it, too. Don't be! Analytics simply contain some important numbers you need to pay attention to.

When you've had an Instagram Business account for about a week or so, Instagram begins to put together some stats from your posts, such as your follower count, engagement rate and overall reach. Instagram is helping you understand what your audience likes, and which content brings you more followers!

You can access your analytics by opening your bio, and tapping on that little bar chart icon at the top.

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

When you open your Analytics screen, here's what you'll see:

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

These are the stats you should definitely pay attention to:

1. Your Impressions

This tells you how many people have actually seen your posts in the last 7 days. It will almost certainly vary from week to week, so take note of any changes you made that way have led to a surge or drop in impressions. 

Your impression count will almost always be much larger than your follower count. Because you use hashtags on your posts (you better be using hashtags on your post!), each one of them is bound to show up in the search results for that hashtags. Every time someone sees your image, whether or not they follow you, it counts as an impression!

2. Your Follower Demographics

Just below impressions, Instagram will show you the age-group, location and gender of the majority of your followers. This is very useful data, because you need to check whether this matches your ideal audience profile! Whom is your content targeted to, and is your content reaching your target audience?

More importantly, when you open the 'See More' link, it tells you when your audience is most active! Days and hours! I think this tool is absolutely, 100% sorcery, because it has helped my content strategy so much! You want to aim to schedule your posts for the times that your audience is most active, because that's when they are open to actually engaging with your account. Plus, I always save my best posts for the days my audience is most active, for the same exact reason.

In all of my Instagram consultation plans, I always include a personalized guide for assessing and understanding analytics, and tailoring your content to fit your audience, without compromising on your own style and goals. 

Click the banner below and drop me a line, 
and we can work together on your dream Instagram account!

Tracking Your Analytics

Alright, in the interest of honesty, I'll admit that for the first six months of my business, I didn't track my analytics. I just thought it would be a waste of time, because I could always analyse what my audience likes on-the-go.

Big mistake!

Now, I take about half-an-hour every Sunday to take note of all of my social accounts. I note down the Reach/Impressions, Follower counts, and percentage change in both numbers every week. It is a very basic spreadsheet, but you'd be surprised just how helpful it can be! 

Having worked through my analytics for about a month now, I've come to so many new findings about what my audience likes, how their interests change every week, what they look for at the start of the month v/s at the end of the month, which kinds of posts bring me new followers, which posts bring me massive engagement from my existing followers, and so much more.

Of course, there are tons of other important tools for your analytics, but unless you're nit-picking the little changes in your business, the basic analytics offered by Instagram are more than sufficient to give you an idea of what works for you. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

One of the most frequent concerns I've found in most Instagram users is this: What the heck is a Business account, and do I need it?

As always, thank you ever so much for reading. If you have any requests for blog posts, please drop them in my DMs over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or leave me an e-mail. I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

I can't wait for you to hear the new podcast, it's so friggin' exciting!!!!

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