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Friday, 12 January 2018

5 More Strategies I Used To DOUBLE My Instagram.....Again!

In the last few weeks, my Instagram account went from about 2,000 followers to a whopping 2,800+ ! Of course, a lot of my content strategy and quality changed, but honestly, I never even imagined I would make so many amazing friends over the internet!Today, I'm sharing with you 5 strategies that helped bump my follower count so rapidly.

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In the last few weeks, my Instagram account went from about 2,000 followers to a whopping 2,800+ ! Of course, a lot of my content strategy and quality changed, but honestly, I never even imagined I would make so many amazing friends over the internet! So, first and foremost, thank you for all your love and support, it truly means the whole world to me. Today, I'm sharing with you 5 strategies that helped bump my follower count so rapidly.

Here are

5 More Strategies I Used To DOUBLE My Instagram.....Again!

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As you may have guessed from the title, this post is an updated follow-up to my older post, 5 Tricks That DOUBLED My Instagram In Less Than 20 Days! At the time of writing that post, my follower count had just crossed 1,000. Today, we're very quickly approaching triple that amount!

If you haven't read that post already (and grabbed the FREEBIE that came with it), click the image below and check it out!

Done that? Awesome.

Let's jump in!

1. Edit all images to create a common aesthetic.

I've said this about a million times before, and guess what, I'm going to say it again: Instagram is a visual platform. I've spoken in some detail about the importance of a coherent Instagram feed in my last two posts: 30 Days of Instagram Content, and My 2018 Instagram Strategy, so I won't go into crazy detail here. 

In order to have a super coherent feed, you need to establish an aesthetic. Now the word 'aesthetic' can be really annoying, because Instagrammers love to throw it around like breadcrumbs in a pond, but your 'aesthetic' is nothing more than the look and feel of your account. 

However, real life rarely allows for aesthetic consistency in every photo. Some days, the lighting is too yellow, or there isn't enough daylight, or the white balance of your camera is totally off....shit happens. This is where the amazing magic of photo editing kicks in!

Now if you're completely new to photo editing, I highly recommend reading this post:

When none of your photos match, it is time to whip out a decent photo editing software, and go to town on them! One app that I LOVE for creating similar effects with all your pictures, is VSCO. In VSCO, once you've edited a picture to a certain look and feel, you can quite literally copy those edits to a different picture! It sounds complicated, but all this means is that you don't need to remember how much you increased the brightness by, or which hue you picked, or any of that jazz - the app does the work for you.

Another great tool to establish coherency is a grid-preview app. My personal favourite has got to be UNUM. This free app allows you to upload (and schedule) multiple images and captions, but the best part is that you can preview your potential uploads in a grid form! So, instead of scheduling your posts and hoping they fit well with each other, you can take the guess-work right out of re-arranging. 

Plus, UNUM has a much larger variety of features on their free plan (which I use), including some seriously helpful analytics. I'm honestly so glad I found it (and no, this post is not featured by UNUM. I wish!), it has totally changed my Instagram game!

2. Use Shoutouts To Your Advantage!

You probably already know that I'm a massive believer in building an online community, as opposed to just a large follower-base. Sure, the numbers help, but it doesn't mean anything unless your audience truly wants to know you, and you take the time to know them. 

Personally, I've made so many real, amazing friends on Instagram (shoutout to Stina, Rewati, Morgan, Allora, Kirby, Sophie, Jess, Melodie, Wezz, Rachel, Eugenia, and like a hundred other awesome people!), and one reason I've been able to do this is because I do regular, weekly Shoutout Saturdays.

Now don't just shout out to massive accounts that you don't really care about, just on the off-chance that their followers might find you. Instead, think about Shoutouts as a team-building effort. Share posts from accounts that you truly believe your audience will love. And always add your own two cents to the caption - think of a Shoutout as you introducing your friends who may not know each-other at a party. 

My Shoutout posts almost always have the highest engagement, because the featured accounts always take the time to drop a nice little 'thank you' comment with a million emojis! Shoutouts help you drive traffic to accounts that deserve a lot more love and attention than they're currently getting. Plus, more often than not, the featured accounts are kind enough to return the favour! 

3. Use Instagram Stories To Do Some Market Research.

Alright, if you've read all my posts about creating a coherent, well-thought-out, restricted-to-the-good-stuff feed, you're just about ready to burst. Here's the good news - Instagram stories don't need that much pre-planning!

I honestly didn't realize just how many people actually look at Instagram stories, and quite frankly, I wish I'd started using this feature a lot sooner. Your Instagram story lasts only 24 hours (unless you add it to your 'highlights'), so you don't have to worry about establishing an aesthetic, or being on brand, or wasting important feed space! Your story is yours to do as you please.....within reason.

One amazing feature of Instagram stories that I use far too much is the Poll sticker. Basically, you can have a two-option poll on your stories that your audience can vote on. Seems pretty simple, but trust me when I say your Instagram story poll is the best think that will ever happen to you! If I'm playing around with ideas for a new launch, or trying to figure out what to blog about next, I love taking my audience and their opinions into consideration. For instance, I recently asked about which Instagram issues my followers face, 'increasing follower count' or 'boosting post engagement'. This was probably a bad example to use because the result was an even split, but it told me so much about how I can better serve my audience, and it literally took less than a minute to set up!

So use your Instagram story, because it is one of your biggest, most overlooked assets!

4. Video.

I have no idea why, but for the longest time, I stayed far, far away from video. Just like Instagram stories, I got into the video game much later than I should have - my videos probably have the highest reach and bring me the biggest number of new followers of all my posts! 

However, remember that Instagram is a visual platform - it is not a place where people will sit down with their headphones and a notepad, to watch a text-rich tutorial. Your video should be short (the maximum length is 1 minute, but I wouldn't go any longer than 30 seconds) and must rely only on visual material. More often than not, people won't bother to turn the sound on for this one video in a sea of static images. They just don't do it. The best videos on Instagram have no audio!

While you don't need an ultra-HD $10,000 video camera for Instagram videos, it definitely helps to have a  decent resolution (480p at least). Also make sure that your camera is stable. If you don't have a tripod (or like me, your tripod broke in the overhead compartment of a long-haul international flight and you're totally not still angry but it ruined every good thing about your video ventures just saying), then DIY the crap out of that baby. Confession: I literally use the lens on my Galaxy Tab, and place it on the stand that holds my dog's food and water bowls. It works PERFECTLY. (Here's a picture of the set-up if you're looking for a bit of a laugh!)

No one likes a shaky video, so where possible, go hands-free.

5. Update Your Profile. Constantly.

When people first visit your Instagram profile, your profile picture and description are the first thing they see. Trust me when I say that on Instagram, the first is most definitely the last impression! So first things first, pick a good profile picture that goes well with a circular frame.

Seriously, I don't want to be looking up your nostrils because your picture is too long or wide to fit entirely into that circle. 

Next, look at your profile description. If it is rows and rows of text, cut it down into half. Keep it short and punchy, and tell potential followers exactly what they can expect to see from your account, and only a little bit about who you are. Use emojis even if they're not your thing - they are amazing at breaking up the text in your profile so it doesn't look too blocky.

One quick hack to a good text layout is to type and arrange your profile description in your phone's Notes app. Here, you can add all the line-breaks you want, and re-arrange text as you see fit - this is often difficult to do in the Instagram app itself. Once it looks the way you want it to, simply copy and paste it into the Instagram app, and it will keep the arrangement in-tact! Nifty, eh?

So, to recap, here are 5 more tricks that doubled my Instagram again!

  1. Edit every image so it sticks to your aesthetic.
  2. Use Shoutouts strategically.
  3. Use them Insta stories!
  4. Share small, super visual videos.
  5. Keep your profile up-to-date. Just do it.
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5 More Strategies I Used To DOUBLE My Instagram.....Again!

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Thank you so much for reading, you've just made my day! I hope this post helps double your Instagram too, and I'll see you again next week, with even more useful content!

All my love,

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