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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

5 Common Instagram Theme Errors - Learn From My MistakesWHAT DAY IS IT? 
Today, in this final post for January 2018, I'm sharing with you 5 common Instagram theme errors that I've seen a lot of my followers make, some of which I've made myself in the past!



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Today, in this final post for January 2018, I'm sharing with you 5 common Instagram theme errors that I've seen a lot of my followers make, some of which I've made myself in the past! You ready? Let's jump in!

Here are:

5 Common Instagram Theme Errors - Learn From My Mistakes

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In the past, I've spoken a lot about creating and maintaining your Instagram theme, and I'm not going to repeat myself here. So let's just cut the fluff and get to the point. 

1. Deleting too many old posts!

First off, I will say that deleting old pictures is necessary to bringing together a beautiful, cohesive feed. Sometimes, certain images feel like a good idea, or need to be posted, even if they don't really fit in with the rest of your feed. So, a few days later, it makes sense to delete these posts in the interest of maintaining your theme. (We'll talk a little bit about this later in this post)

However, I see a lot of people going back and doing a massive 'spring clean' of their feed, deleting every other post because it doesn't fit in with their brand new, expert-recommended theme. 

Here's the thing: a mis-matched feed is miles better than an empty one!

If you delete too many old images, keep in mind that you're deleting all the engagement they received! This may not immediately affect your popularity online. It might, however, lead potential followers to think you post very rarely, and that's usually quite a turn-off.

So while the occasional weeding is necessary, don't delete every one of your old posts because it doesn't fit your new aesthetic!

2. No fixed colour schemes.

Alright now let's take what I just said and turn it on its head. Sure, a mis-matched feed is better than an empty one, but you know what's even better? A coherent feed! 

Now you can pick a specific colour scheme and stick to it, or you could pick a common theme. All of your posts do not need to look identical (in fact, I highly recommend they don't!), but there needs to be a common thread between them all. 

Here's my favourite litmus test to see if my feed is coherent: When people look at my Instagram bio, are they able to describe it in one word, and one word only? If the answer is no, then I need to rethink my theme-strategy. 

In my FREE E-MAIL COURSE, WINSTAGRAM, I talk all about creating a cohesive, themed Instagram feed, and you should totally check it out by clicking the banner below!

3. White space (that may not always be white!)

Okay a lot of people ask me about how they can create 'white space' in their feed without making it dull and boring. I get it - white is not your thing. That's totally cool!

'White space' is usually used inter-changeably with what is technically known as negative space. Basically, negative space is any part of your design (in this case, image) that is plain and unused. Think of it as all the space in your room that doesn't have any furniture on it - that's white space!

More often than not, white space is an illusion that helps things look bigger, lighter and cleaner. In your Instagram feed, white space can create an effect of levity and neatness. 

The quickest, easiest way to add white space to your feed is by including a visible white (or any other coloured) border around every image. This need not be a square border, as long as all four sides of your image are wrapped. Now when you put the bordered images together, it will create a good amount of negative space in your feed!

4. SO. Many. Giveaway. Posts.

This is especially common for newer, super-niche accounts.

I get it. Giveaways are amazing, I run them frequently. And I also get the whole 'repost for extra entries' thing, I've used it in the past. Here's the thing: once the giveaway is over, no one cares whether you still have their post on your feed!

It is such a turn-off when I'm scrolling through someone's Instagram page, and I see a whole bunch of giveaway posts (that are not their own), from contests that have ended weeks or months ago! Why do you still have them on your feed? They don't match your aesthetic, they don't add value to your feed, and they're just dead space. Go back and delete EVERY ONE OF THEM. Do it now!

5. Your own giveaway posts.

Alright if you're lucky enough to be in the position to run your own giveaways (thank you, interwebz!), you should, by all means, advertise the crap out of it. I know I do! Having said that, this ends up the same way as my last point - you don't need to hold on to every single giveaway reminder post after you've closed entries!

Personally, when I'm trying to establish a theme and a pattern, I make sure that my giveaway posts match that aesthetic in some way, while still standing out from the rest of the posts. I also like to hold on to some of the giveaway posts so that potential followers know that this is a thing I do, and that following me totally comes with fringe benefits. 

However, I know that a lot of us post ultra-frequently in the week leading up to the giveaway close date, and these are the posts you want to get rid of! Once your giveaway has closed and they have served their purpose, there is no need for all of these reminder posts to hang around (unless they somehow hold your theme together). Go back and EXTERMINATE!

Image result for dalek exterminate gif

So, to sum up this super quick post, here are 5 common Instagram Theme Errors that you need to fix now!

  1. Deleting too many old posts - no empty chairs at empty tables please!
  2. Have a fixed colour scheme! This can be as rigid or versatile as you like by stick with it!
  3. Create an illusion of (or literal) "white" space to make your feed look light and clean.
  4. Delete old giveaway entries! You don't need them anymore!
  5. And while your at it, delete old posts about your own giveaways - you don't need those, either!
.....I've just noticed that a lot of my posts are made of 'Top 5's.... Eh, I guess the list game is too strong!

Now if you like this post, it would mean the world to me if you could share it with your own tribe. 'Grammers helping 'Grammers, yo!

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5 Common Instagram Theme Errors - Learn From My Mistakes

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Thank you ever so much for reading, and I'll see you again later this week!

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Friday, 26 January 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! YOU GUYS I HAVE A MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT

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Let's jump in.


Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Business accounts

One of the most frequent concerns I've found in most Instagram users is this: What the heck is a Business account, and do I need it?

Let me begin by saying that no, you do not need a Business account. But I can promise you, you want to make the switch!

An Instagram Business account is, very simply, a basic account on steroids. Alongwith the ability to add contact details, you also get access to Analytics, and you can 'boost' your posts through Instagram ads.

Personally, I switched to a Business account for the analytics, as well as the ability for people to directly e-mail me without having to manually copy and paste my e-mail address into their 'To' field, etc. To me, a Business Instagram account gives me the one feature I always look for in any social platform: it makes it very easy for my audience to get in touch with me. That's how I run my business, through ease of communication, and I try my best to make sure that comes across through every project I create.

Switching to an Instagram Business Account

Ever since Facebook took over Instagram, a lot of the app's features have become slightly irritating and very heavily policed. Annoying as it may be, I still think it's more than worth the effort.

In order to have a Business account, you will need to have a Facebook page for your Business. Not a profile or a group, a specific Facebook Business Page.

Yeah, I know, this wasn't a thing a few years ago, when I was running my art business on Instagram. I was annoyed too. But honestly, it doesn't have to be an active page, just something that exists. 

Once you've made your Facebook page, switching from a Personal account to a Business one is easy as pie. Simply go to your Instagram profile page, open the Options menu, and look for the option that says 'Switch to Business Account'. That's literally it! And you always have the option to switch back to a Personal account just as easily.


You've heard bloggers throw the word 'Analytics' around a lot, and you've probably been a little daunted by it, too. Don't be! Analytics simply contain some important numbers you need to pay attention to.

When you've had an Instagram Business account for about a week or so, Instagram begins to put together some stats from your posts, such as your follower count, engagement rate and overall reach. Instagram is helping you understand what your audience likes, and which content brings you more followers!

You can access your analytics by opening your bio, and tapping on that little bar chart icon at the top.

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

When you open your Analytics screen, here's what you'll see:

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

These are the stats you should definitely pay attention to:

1. Your Impressions

This tells you how many people have actually seen your posts in the last 7 days. It will almost certainly vary from week to week, so take note of any changes you made that way have led to a surge or drop in impressions. 

Your impression count will almost always be much larger than your follower count. Because you use hashtags on your posts (you better be using hashtags on your post!), each one of them is bound to show up in the search results for that hashtags. Every time someone sees your image, whether or not they follow you, it counts as an impression!

2. Your Follower Demographics

Just below impressions, Instagram will show you the age-group, location and gender of the majority of your followers. This is very useful data, because you need to check whether this matches your ideal audience profile! Whom is your content targeted to, and is your content reaching your target audience?

More importantly, when you open the 'See More' link, it tells you when your audience is most active! Days and hours! I think this tool is absolutely, 100% sorcery, because it has helped my content strategy so much! You want to aim to schedule your posts for the times that your audience is most active, because that's when they are open to actually engaging with your account. Plus, I always save my best posts for the days my audience is most active, for the same exact reason.

In all of my Instagram consultation plans, I always include a personalized guide for assessing and understanding analytics, and tailoring your content to fit your audience, without compromising on your own style and goals. 

Click the banner below and drop me a line, 
and we can work together on your dream Instagram account!

Tracking Your Analytics

Alright, in the interest of honesty, I'll admit that for the first six months of my business, I didn't track my analytics. I just thought it would be a waste of time, because I could always analyse what my audience likes on-the-go.

Big mistake!

Now, I take about half-an-hour every Sunday to take note of all of my social accounts. I note down the Reach/Impressions, Follower counts, and percentage change in both numbers every week. It is a very basic spreadsheet, but you'd be surprised just how helpful it can be! 

Having worked through my analytics for about a month now, I've come to so many new findings about what my audience likes, how their interests change every week, what they look for at the start of the month v/s at the end of the month, which kinds of posts bring me new followers, which posts bring me massive engagement from my existing followers, and so much more.

Of course, there are tons of other important tools for your analytics, but unless you're nit-picking the little changes in your business, the basic analytics offered by Instagram are more than sufficient to give you an idea of what works for you. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

One of the most frequent concerns I've found in most Instagram users is this: What the heck is a Business account, and do I need it?

As always, thank you ever so much for reading. If you have any requests for blog posts, please drop them in my DMs over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or leave me an e-mail. I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

I can't wait for you to hear the new podcast, it's so friggin' exciting!!!!

All my love,

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Running An Instagram Giveaway - A Comprehensive Guide + FREE GIVEAWAY PLANNER!So you know that giveaway I ran this month? I didn't realise it at the time of making it, but there is SO much planning that goes into creating a giveaway, setting the rules, choosing prizes and entry options, picking a method for choosing winners....And it's taken me three tries to truly perfect my giveaway game!

Today, I'm showing you exactly how you can run your own giveaway on Instagram, without making the mistakes I made the first couple of times!

Here is:

Running An Instagram Giveaway - A Comprehensive Guide + FREE GIVEAWAY PLANNER!

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Why run a giveaway on Instagram?

There are a few reasons, the most obvious one of which is to gain more followers and engagement. Obviously, you can leverage your giveaway by asking people to Follow your account as one of the entry rules. But personally, I prefer running giveaways to really get the word out about my new launches, as well as to give thanks to my followers for their continued love and support!

But why Instagram?

I know you've tired of hearing me say this, but Instagram is a visual platform: you can attract people to your giveaway by using really pretty images of the prizes! 

The other great thing about running a giveaway on Instagram is the 3-column grid layout of your Instagram page. It makes it so easy for people to find the original giveaway post without having to scroll endlessly.

Study your audience.

Alright I can't stress this enough, and a lot of first-time giveaway hosts totally overlook this step.

When you create a giveaway, you need to know for sure that your audience will actually participate! It doesn't matter how many people enter, but it does matter that every one of your followers has the opportunity to enter. 

Here are some things to note when you're studying your Instagram analytics before planning out your giveaway:

  • How long does it take for your posts to really reach your audience?

    Because of the weird algorithm that Instagram uses, some posts may appear on your followers' feeds days after you've actually published it!

    The other annoying thing is that some of your posts may never show up in yours followers' home feed at all, and they might only find your giveaway post if they manually open your bio.

  • What is the most common way your audience engages with you?

    Is it through likes, comments, reposts, comments where they tag their friends, DMs? This will become relevant when you think of ways they can enter your giveaway, so make sure you write it down somewhere!

What you need:

1. The Prizes (obviously!)

When choosing prizes that your audience can win, here are a few things to consider:
  • How many winners will you pick?

    You probably have a higher chance of engagement if there are multiple winners. People will only take the effort to enter the giveaway if they stand a real chance to win!

    Personally, I choose the number of winners based on the size of my account at the time. Here's a rule of thumb: if your follower count is less than 1,000 stick to one winner. If it's bigger than that add an extra winner for every thousand followers.

    Of course, the other determining factor for choosing the number of winners is the cost you incur from the giveaway (especially if you're running it alone). If the prizes are far too expensive for you to pick multiple winners, emphasize the value of the prizes, as opposed to the number of winners!

  • Is your giveaway open to only a certain location?

    I get it, shipping can be expensive. But I'm going to be completely honest (and probably ruffle a few feathers) and say that I hate giveaways that are only open to certain countries.

    As someone who lives in India, I see a lot of US only giveaways on my Home feed, and it is annoying and disappointing that I don't even get a chance to enter! Sure, you'll still get engagement from your location-specific followers, but I can almost guarantee that you'll grossly put off the rest of your crowd!

    If shipping is a huge cost, then you might consider giving international winners a gift-card of equal value to a store that delivers the prize products internationally. I can not stress this enough, your followers need to feel included

2. A Timeline

Alright so you know how we noted down the actual amount of time it takes for your audience to really respond to your posts? Take that magic number of days and double it. That's at least how long you want your giveaway to be open. 

With my first couple of giveaways, it took somewhere between three to five days for my posts to reach maximum engagement, so my giveaways would only be open for about a week or ten days at most. Now, since my audience has grown so much bigger, it takes about a week for my posts to reach maximum engagement (which is, of course, a much higher amount of engagement than there used to be) - I estimate this number to be about a week. 

So, with my last giveaway, I kept it open to entries for a little over two weeks, so all of my followers had a definite chance to enter!

However, simply having a timeframe is not enough. You need to consider how many times you will share reminders for your giveaway.

Like I said before, some of your posts just don't show up in your followers' feeds! So, you need to make sure you're posting multiple giveaway reminders through the timeframe you chose, to increase the chance that the giveaway reaches your followers! Now don't go spamming their feeds with constant reminders every single day. Instead, create specific reminder posts to share every few days. A good interval between giveaway reminders is three to five posts. That way, you're still providing content to followers who might not be interested in the giveaway, but you're also reminding them that the giveaway is still open!

Finally, you need the consider when and how you will close the giveaway!

I normally prefer to do this at midday on a Saturday. It gives people more than enough time on the weekend itself to get in any last minute or extra entries, and it also means that I'm not losing sleep trying to close off entries at midnight or something ridiculous like that! (I'm an early sleeper, ya know?)

Pick a time and day that you know you'll be completely awake (as will your audience) and ready to turn off commenting, or close the entry form.

Considering Entry Options

This is the part where we go back to how your audience best engages with your posts.

First things first, there need to be multiple ways your audience enters - i.e. you need to have some way for your audience to grab extra (non-compulsory) entries. This helps them better their chance at winning, and gets them super excited about your giveaway!

However, think about what you want to achieve out of this giveaway. Is it a bigger follower-count? Or do you want to get the word out through high engagement? Or, like me, you want to drive more traffic to your e-mail list! 

Decide what you want to achieve from this giveaway, and make that a compulsory criterion for entry. For instance, you can say that your giveaway is only open to your followers, so to be eligible to win, they must be following you. Or you could say that you need them to like and comment on the post, which is a great way to boost engagement and get more eyeballs on your post. 

For my most recent giveaway, I also added an extra compulsory entry, where people had to fill up a little form and join my e-mail list to be eligible. We'll talk all about e-mail lists later on the blog, but this giveaway single-handedly helped me cross 100 e-mail subscribers in a week! 

Next, think about how people can get additional entries.

My favourite way to do this is by asking people to tag friends who might also enjoy this giveaway. I usually ask people to tag one friend per comment (we'll see why very soon). Not only does this help bring more people to see your giveaway because they've been tagged, it also increases the total engagement on your giveaway post which, again, gets more eyes on the post! That's a win-win-win!

Another great way for extra entries is to ask people to re-post the original giveaway post with a certain hashtag and to tag you in it. So simple, but it opens up your audience so much!

And the final method of entry I've used (and that worked really well when I was launching my e-book, A Winner's Mind) is to use a specific giveaway web-app.

I used , where you can literally customize everything. The biggest advantage to this method of entries is that you can drive traffic to any of your other social media sites as forms of extra entries, and the website itself does all the counting for you! Plus, Gleam helps you pick winners at random, which is absolutely fantastic! 

[FULL DISCLOSURE: If you click one of these Gleam links, I might get some referral credit. It will make no difference to your experience!]

The only drawback to Gleam was that, with their free plan, you don't get entry details of all the entrants, only those of the winners. If you're only looking to increase your Facebook or Twitter page, or increase views on a certain blog post - basically things that don't really depend on you knowing someone's entry details, it doesn't make much of a difference. However, I've committed to really growing my e-mail list for 2018, and if I were to use Gleam for my SGP Giveaway, I would only end up with three sets of e-mails at the end. 

So consider your ideal outcomes before you think of ways people can enter!

The Reaping

Okay, so your giveaway is all done and closed, and it's time to pick the winners. And you've realised, minutes before the deadline, that you don't really know how to pick a random winner!

If you're using Gleam (or a similar giveaway app), you don't need to worry about this stage.

However, if you're completely self-hosting the giveaway, here are a couple of things to try out:

  • Make sure that comments are a compulsory entry channel.

    Once the giveaway is closed, open the post on your computer, select all of the comments, and paste them into Excel. Boom! They will arrange themselves in a column for you, with row numbers and everything!

    Another great advantage to using comments is that when you ask people to tag their friends in the comments, and you say '1 comment = 1 entry,' you don't have to go fishing for how many people have extra entries! The simple copy-paste includes the extra entries too!
  • If you're also using a mailing list, make sure to copy these details on to the spread sheet.
  • Finally, use a simple Random Number Generator (literally just Google this, it will show up), pick three random numbers, and find the corresponding rows in your Excel sheet. Because we've already laid out the entries separately, all you have to do is find whose entry lies on the winning rows, and contact them. Easy peasy!

The Afterglow

So you got hundreds of entries, and people were really into your giveaway. However, not everyone can win it, and you'd invariably end up with people who really needed the prizes but didn't get them.

This is where you swoop in to be the people's champion.

The aftermath of a giveaway is the most profitable time for you! People are still super excited for your prizes, and still really want them. This is when you jump in with great offers, discounts, collaboration opportunities, etc! 

A lot of accounts (my past self included) completely move on after the giveaway is finished, creating this weird animosity with the non-winners. You can't pretend they didn't lose, because they did. This is when you want to show your audience that you really love them (as I know you do!). Give out some form of consolation prize, be it a freebie, or a discount for your products/services, or even simply personalized e-mails letting them know that they aren't forgotten. Perhaps you could even give them a headstart on a future giveaway by promising them a few entries by default. Just some kind of gesture that you're still here, that the end of this giveaway does not lead to the end of your relationship with them. 

The afterglow is just as important as the sex, because this is where you make a connection with your (often new-found) audience - don't waste it with a hit-and-run!

In Summary:

Here are the things you need to consider when it comes to running an Instagram giveaway:

  1. Define your ideal outcomes from this giveaway - traffic, followers, e-mail sign-ups, etc. Then make these goals into compulsory entry criteria.
  2. How long does it take for your daily posts to reach their maximum engagement? Double this time to find the ideal length to keep your giveaway open for.
  3. How does your audience best engage with you? Use this as ways for them to enter!
  4. Is your giveaway open only to local residents? Create an option for international entries, too. Don't go discriminating, yo!
  5. Create a reminder schedule.
  6. Make sure you have a reaping method in place before your giveaway closes.

The Freebie:

To help you run your best giveaway, I've put together a super easy printable worksheet that covers all of the above points. I suggest using this while planning your next giveaway, I promise it will help!

Click the banner below and grab yours now!

This planner will help you get into the swing of running your first (or thirtieth) giveaway. If you do find it useful, please could you take a moment to share it with someone who might, too?

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Running An Instagram Giveaway - A Comprehensive Guide + FREE GIVEAWAY PLANNER!

And finally, I will be making a MASSIVE announcement on Friday's post, so keep an eye on this space! (If you're on my e-mail list, you probably already know what I'm talking about.) Just to make sure you don't miss out on the announcement, join my e-mail list and I'll make sure you know! (Plus, there's a FREE 15-day content plan coming your way the second you join in, so that's cool, eh?)

Got a request for a post? Drop me a line on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or e-mail, and I'll note it down!

As always, thank you ever so much for reading, and if you'd like to work 1:1 with me, and get much more personalized Instagram advice, please click the banner below and get in touch. It costs you nothing to leave an inquiry! ;)

And if you're new here, stick around to check out all the other freebies you can grab on this website, because I promise there are a ton of those. Start with one of the links at the end of the post!

Thank you so much for sharing your Wednesday with me, and I'll see you again with a HUGE announcement!

All my love,

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Friday, 19 January 2018

How on earth do you keep the good stuff coming? What about the general maintenance of your Instagram content, and more importantly, how do you keep your content current when you're planning out as far in advance as possible?

The Instagram Consultation Giveaway closes TOMORROW! If you haven't entered already, click the banner below and do it NOW!

Alright, you've taken all of the advice I've given so far, and you've got an amazing content plan in place. 

But how on earth do you keep the good stuff coming? What about the general maintenance of your Instagram content, and more importantly, how do you keep your content current when you're planning out as far in advance as possible?

Well, my friend, I'm so glad you asked, because that is exactly what we're talking about today!

Here are

5 Tips To Keeping Your Instagram Content FRESH and UPDATED + Swipe My Content Planner!

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1. Use. A. Scheduler.

Seriously, if you aren't using a scheduling app for your Instagram content, you're just torturing yourself. Not only does scheduling your posts take away the worry of winging your content, it also lets you plan in advance exactly how your feed will look. And you know that here at Bulleting Bird, if there ain't a plan, it ain't happening!

Here's the good news: you know Tailwind? That mysterious app that Pinterest-lovers swear by? Yeah, I played with it, and it now has an Instagram feature as well! You can upload and schedule posts for your Instagram, add captions, and Tailwind will send you a reminder when it's time to post!

Click here for a FREE month of Tailwind PRO! 

Full disclosure: this will also give me a free month of Tailwind at NO cost to you. 'Grammers helping 'grammers, yo!

Tailwind not turning you on? Buffer's your jam then!

The free Buffer plan is more than sufficient to let you schedule a week or more of your Instagram posts (depending on how frequently you post), and to be honest, I only used Buffer for my Instagram and Twitter, which means the limit for the number of accounts you can connect to Buffer was pretty much irrelevant!

Click here to check out Buffer!

Nope, I get nothing from you checking out Buffer, but I highly recommend it!

2. Create A Content Plan (+ SWIPEFILE!)

This doesn't have to be anything fancy, it could just be a table in your journal or on Excel. In fact, I want to share with you the exact Excel (or Google Sheets) spreadsheets I use to plan out my content.

Grab it below!

The reason you want to invest some time into a content plan is that it will make your feed so much more coherent. I speak about the importance of a coherent feed in my FREE 5 DAY E-MAIL COURSE, WINSTAGRAM!

The way I create a content plan is by using the swipefile above to get a visual-ish layout of all the content for every month. Because I post twice a day to my Instagram, I have two rows for every week, but you can totally customize it as you please. The point is to be able to visualize the content in terms of what you're going to share every week. This spreadsheet also helps me decide on any weekly or monthly themes I may want to focus on. A content plan, paired with a scheduling app equals a smooth workflow, and don't we all love a good workflow?

Image result for zohan silky smooth

3. Work In Batches

I've probably said this before on the blog, and I've definitely said this a thousand times over on my Instagram, but batch-working is everything. Every week, I set aside one day (usually a Tuesday) to shoot and edit all of the pictures, write out every caption (that is not date-sensitive), and prepare all the hashtag lists for the whole week ahead. Sure, I end up changing the captions and sometimes even the order in which I post, but it honestly doesn't take more than five minutes out of every other day in my week.

I have always endorsed batch-working, and I always will! To learn more about it (and about how to be a productive bad-ass in general) check out my e-book, A Winner's Mind! Chapter one is totally free to read!

4. Grid Previews

One great addition to my batch-working schedules is this app called Unum. I've mentioned it before, and I'm sure I'll mention it again at some point! Unum allows you to schedule your posts, and it displays previous and future posts in Instagram's 3-column grid format!

Sure, it seems pretty basic, but I can not tell you how much this has changed my Instagram game! When you preview your scheduled images in the grid format, it helps you compare adjacent images to see if the edits all look coherent, and this is especially helpful if you're going for that whole alternate light-and-dark post pattern. 

There are loads of apps that have this feature, and while I don't use Unum for scheduling at all, I find that it does the job, is fairly basic but powerful, and doesn't really take much space on my phone. Highly recommend!!!

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5. Schedule A Profile Update

I prefer to do this every quarter. As your Instagram account grows, you'll find that your content changes, and so does your target audience. If you're aiming to attract new, better suited followers to your content, your profile needs to be exactly what they're looking for!

The reason I prefer to update my profile every three months is because it takes me that long to really see a change in my content and my preferred audience. I usually take an audit on the last day of each quarter, where I note down which posts have been the most loved, which colours work best for my feed, the demographics and interests of the current majority of my followers, and so on. Then, I tweak my profile accordingly, so I'm attracting more of my current crowd, rather than people looking for content I'm no longer passionate about.

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So to quickly summarize what we've talked about today, here are my top 5 tips to keeping your Instagram fresh and updated!

  1. Use a scheduling app! (Psst! Here's a free month of Tailwind!)
  2. Create a content plan, well in advance. (Click here for the SWIPEFILE!)
  3. Batch-work the crap out of your content! (Here be your FREE FIRST CHAPTER of my e-book, A Winner's Mind!)
  4. Use an app to preview your scheduled posts in a grid format.
  5. Update your profile at least every quarter. (Or let me do the work for you! ;) )
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