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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

5 Holiday Affirmations To Beat Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm

During the Christmas of my second year, I decided to give them a go, and to my absolute delight, they worked! My affirmations weren't anything too unbelievable, just five simple sentences to remind myself of things that my anxiety and depression caused me to forget. Today, I want to share these exact affirmations with you, in the hope that it might help others out there going through what I went through a few years ago!
5 Holiday Affirmations To Beat Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm + Free Printable

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The Holiday season is upon us! I'm seriously so excited for this time of year, and I have been ever since I started University, over three years ago!

You see, Christmas-time wasn't a big deal to me growing up, simply because it wasn't really celebrated in 90s India (yes, yes, I'm as old as the internet, I know). However, living in England opened my eyes to exactly what I had sorely missed!

The extent of celebration and merriment that started the second the clock hit midnight on November 1st (yeah, not even December!) took me by surprise, and before I could even register it, all the streets were covered in pretty lights, and there were Santa figurines and glittery baubles in every store display! It was truly magical to me how grown adults would lose all their worries and reservations, and simply go all-out decorating their homes, spreading the joy, buying presents for people they barely even know - all because it was the holidays! I fell in love with all the pure, unadulterated happiness in the air!

However, it didn't take too long for the holiday stress to set in. Between finding the perfect presents for all my friends and loved ones, navigating through crowded streets, and the prospect of living at the home of a friend (who was so incredibly kind to not let me spend my first real Christmas all alone) and meeting a ton of new people, my brain was very nearly broken by the anxiety of it all. Add to it the sadness of being so far away from home during a very family-oriented time of year, and it was a recipe for a colossal, disillusioned brain-mess.

The holiday stress is real.

Now I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the concept of affirmations.

For those not in the know, 'affirmations' are these short sentences you repeat in your head or out loud to help yourself remember certain thoughts or ideas. A lot of the time, these are used to manipulate your subconscious into believing things like "I am wealthy" or "I am in the best shape of my life", but the results are quite variable.

You see, it is very difficult to force yourself into believing blatant lies, and this is the main reason that "affirmations" may not work for everyone - it depends on how much you believe in your own ability to achieve what you desire. Bearing that in mind, affirmations can be incredibly useful tools that can act as reminders of completely real facts we may normally lose sight of when stressed or in pain.

As I got further into a way more serious relationship during my time at University, Christmas with my (now ex-) partner's family became a huge deal. Having grown up without siblings, you can imagine the huge change it was for me to spend three weeks with a family of five, who were very close to their (considerable) extended family. As lovely as they were, it was simply not what I was used to. Add to that the fact that I was rather broke - there was one time I had to go a whole week with about £1 in my bank account - plus the impending know where this is going.

My mum's always been a huge believer in the power of affirmations, and so during the Christmas of my second year, I decided to give them a go, and to my absolute delight, they worked! My affirmations weren't anything too unbelievable, just five simple sentences to remind myself of things that my anxiety and depression caused me to forget. Today, I want to share these exact affirmations with you, in the hope that it might help others out there going through what I went through a few years ago!

Here are

5 Holiday Affirmations To Beat Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm + Free Printable

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1. I am enough.

The overwhelm of having family over, or cooking the turkey, or buying a thousand presents can be incredibly crippling. The affirmation, "I am enough," is the first and most important one you should tell yourself. You are not a to-do list, or a shopping list, or a machine. Give yourself the permission to simply be human. The holidays are not about having the perfect dinner, or photos, or anything else. They are a time for us all to love and be loved, and enjoy a respite from the rest of the year! No matter how much you have left to do, you are enough.

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2. I deserve peace.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting some peace and quiet during this noisy time! The holidays often come with a whole load of clutter everywhere, and if you're trying to work or study in the week leading up to Christmas, it can feel like absolute mayhem! Remember, there is no shame in asking for some quiet time. The holidays may be a time of joy and cheer, but they don't have to be loud and disruptive!

3. I deserve to be loved.

A lot of the time, holidays can be awkward - even down-right hurtful - if you have to spend it in a difficult family situation. Not only does the stress of it all lead to rising tensions, but sometimes you're forced to hang out with people you really don't like, simply because you share a common ancestor. 

On the other hand, you might be spending the holidays all alone (like me this year), with no celebration, or no one to kiss under the mistletoe (also me this year), and it can be very difficult to be merry when all you feel is cold. Always tell yourself that, though it may not feel like it at the moment, you do deserve all the love in the world, and you will have it. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day you will find the merriment in the holidays again!

4. I have so many things to be grateful for!

The quickest and easiest way to keep your spirits up is to give thanks. If you have a roof over your head and a heater or fireplace, you already have more than a large proportion of the world! If you're having turkey with your family and opening presents, that's more than an even larger proportion of the world! My favourite thing to do when overwhelm sets in is to make a list of all the things I'm grateful for in that exact moment. Not in the past, but right then. For instance, right now, I'm grateful for my keyboard and computer which help me talk to you, I'm grateful for the ceiling fan that keeps me from feeling too claustrophobic, I'm grateful for my glasses which allow me to see what I'm typing, I'm grateful for my hands and finger which are typing away effortlessly...see? 

How easy was it to quickly snap into the present moment? Trust me, gratitude is the best way to cope with overwhelm!

5. I am safe.

This one is particularly helpful for those of you who have a tendency to panic around this (or any) time of the year. Personally, I panic about large crowds, or spending large amounts of money at once (i.e. gift shopping), even if there is absolutely no reason to panic. I remember once having a full blown, crippling panic attack in the middle of Oxford Street, London, three days before Christmas. It was horrid. The only way I could make it to a slightly quieter place to record was by repeating to myself (and my ex-partner repeating to me over and over) that I was safe. I was safe in that moment, and though it felt like empty words at the time, it gave my mind something new to focus on. 

This is one to keep on an endless loop in your head, because when it comes to panic, this is exactly what you need to hear!

The best way to integrate these affirmations into your holidays is to write them down in a notebook, on a white board, or in a note on your phone, and refer to them every day before leaving home. You can repeat each of them five times if that helps, or you can say them out loud. I do the latter, and I make sure to really focus and understand the words I'm saying, and try to feel what I want to feel - peaceful, loved, safe. 

Of course, these are also great to use for the rest of the year, but they're especially helpful for the holidays, when stress is at the highest.

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5 Holiday Affirmations To Beat Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm + Free Printable

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I hope you've found this post helpful, and I'll see you guys again very soon!

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