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Friday, 27 October 2017

Rounding up October 2017 in my Bullet Journal + November theme preview!

Bullet Journal October 2017 Roundup

That's right, yet another month has flown right by! Please could someone hit the pause button on this ridiculously fast carousel?

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If you've read my October newsletter that went out many moons ago, you know that this month, my focus was on Self Care. The very beginning of the month was, for me, incredibly anxiety inducing, and I really did need to amp up my self care to cope!

If you haven't read it yet, sign up now before the October newsletter is closed! Remember, every new sign-up still gets my Essential Toolkit for Creative Bosses! Plus, all subscribers to my newsletter will have an early sneak preview of next month's set-up, FREE downloadable design elements, and a very special announcement!


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One final note before we get into this post, I'm now blogging twice a week! In case you didn't catch my last post, I've decided to post one extra mini-article every Wednesday! I promised you an explanation on this week's mini-post, so here's why.

The last couple of weeks saw a massive growth in interest for my blog! You guys seemed to really dig all the awesome freebies, so guess what. There are loads more of those coming your way! I honestly felt so bound by the limit of just one post a week, simply because there is so much more I have to say than I could ever confine to a single post on Friday!

What do you think of two blog posts per week?

Alright, you've just about had enough of announcements, so let's jump right into it!

Here's a roundup of October in my Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal October 2017 Roundup

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The Monthly Spread

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread October 2017This month, the visual element was pink, purple and black watercolour, with some sketchy architecture and landscape. The watercolour gradients were created with Tombow dual brush pens in 761 (pale pink), 673, 623 (purples), N60 (grey) and N15 (black). All the sketching was done using Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens in black, with sizes XS, S, F and M.

The monthly spread itself was very basic, with dates to one side, and tasks categorized into Morning and Evening columns. The categorization was actually really helpful, and is something I will be carrying into November.

I also added lists of content to upload to my Instagram feed, which occupied most of the spread, making it appear a little crammed.

For November, I'm contemplating creating a separate spread for my Instagram content, and restricting the design elements to smaller margins, so there is more room for actual monthly tasks! As much as I love the worn out, well-used look to this spread, it got rather difficult to refer back to what I was meant to do each day.

The Gratitude Page

Bullet Journal Gratitude Page October 2017In my September roundup post, I mentioned how my September gratitude page, while lovely to look at, was absolutely impractical.

This month, I ran in the opposite direction with a table format. I split the days of the month into three simple columns of ten days each (eleven for the last one). This system worked amazingly well for me, because not only was it a step up from the usual one-line-a-day format, but it was also incredibly functional and quite frankly, a delight to fill in each day!

By the way, here are a couple of super-useful tips if you struggle with remembering to write down your daily gratitude: 

  1. Put in a gratitude column in your monthly tracker. That way, you'll remember to write it down as you fill up your tracker each day.
  2. This is what I do: place your gratitude page immediately after your tracker. All you have to do is flip over!
  3. Put it on your daily task reminder. I explain the daily reminder in detail on my September roundup post, so go give that a read to learn more!

The Monthly Tracker

Bullet journal monthly habit tracker october 2017In September, my tracker was far too condensed and complicated and frankly, I hated filling it up each day, just because I needed three different pens and a lot of time to draw the little zig-zags.

So for this month, I went in for a simple two-page vertical tracker. I also plugged my sleep and exercise trackers into this spread, just so everything was in one place. I've mentioned before how sleep and exercise have a massive effect on my mood, and having all three trackers in one table, right next to each other was actually a great way to analyse the state of my mental health!

However, I wouldn't be me without colour (and that's funny cause I'm Indian heehee) so I did add the watercolour and architecture, with a mix of different skylines. Instead of writing down what I was tracking, I decided to add tiny doodles at the top of my first two trackers - cute and space-saving! Plus, I gave each row a different colour, just to keep it a little bit interesting. All of these ideas are definitely coming into November with me!

The Mood Mandala

bullet journal colourful mood mandala october 2017I can't believe I went seven months in my bullet journal without a mood mandala!

If you don't know what a mood mandala is, here's a super quick explanation. You create concentric circles across the page, one circle for each day of the month. You then create a colour chart next to it, giving each mood a different colour. You then begin colouring in one circle each day (from the inside out), and begin drawing repetitive patterns as you go! This picture was taken on the 24th of October, so there were about seven more rings for me to fill in, but look how pretty that turned out!!

By the way, Kara Benz of Boho Berry is the genius behind the Mood Mandala, and she explains everything about it in this video, so go have a look at it!

I'm definitely keeping the mood mandala for November (and every month after it), because it is so pleasing to look at, and very therapeutic to create!

The Weekly Spread - Two Ways

bullet journal weekly spread october 2017 Here's my first weekly spread of the month, and I actually quite liked the whole "multiple widgets" layout of it! It was really easy to write down daily tasks in separate boxes, and having them at the top of the spread was definitely a good idea, since these boxes were easily the first thing I saw.

I also added a reading list box, which I never stuck to, so that disappeared instantly. The weekly Instagram tracker, however, was very useful, and stayed through most weeks this month! I also added a mini brain-dump for my blog idea for the week (this one clearly never saw the light of day), which is also something that got carried forward every week.

One thing I found rather futile is the tweet tracker. I read a post that said you should be ideally tweeting about ten times a day, and so I created a tracker with ten rows for each day. However, I then switched to automating my Twitter to share my Tumblr image feed as tweets, and that took care of the 10 tweets a day thing, so this tracker was pretty much forgotten.

Bullet journal minimal weekly spread october 2017One weekly spread that definitely stood out for me this month was this gorgeous minimal weekly spread! I was inspired by the tons of minimalistic bullet journal images all over Pinterest and wanted to create my own, and boy was I impressed!

Not only was there more than enough space for my daily tasks, this week was also when I began breaking down my large monthly goals into smaller, doable weekly goals. I absolutely loved everything about this spread, and will definitely consider minimalism in my future weeklies!

The Dailies

Pixlr_20171024163443764 The one daily spread that I loved the most was this super cool, designer daily! Must admit, it was brought on by the mood mandala, which was the spread just before this one.

I used the Tombow brush pens and blended them in with a waterbrush all around the titles, then went right in with Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens in S and F to create those super pretty designs!

Through this month, I stuck with the daily timeline for my task lists, simply because I find that laying my day out by the hour helps me know exactly what I should be doing at any given time, and so I end up being way more productive with a pre-planned timeline!

Pixlr_20171024163523460The other common elements across all my dailies this month were self care and hydration reminders. Every day, I chose one method of self care for the day, and if things got too hectic or stressful, or if I was getting in my own way too much, I'd switch off from what I was doing and indulge a little.

Now you don't need a self care reminder to do what you love, not at all! The main reason I chose to add it to my dailies is because I struggle a lot with guilt. As a high-functioning person, I tend to rely on productivity to determine my self worth - i.e. the less productive I am, the worse I feel about myself.

Unfortunately, this often means that I feel incredibly guilty for indulging in self care when my brain thinks it should be working 24x7. By making self care part of my daily productivity, it simultaneously eliminated my guilt and made me consciously want to get some rest and recuperation, because that was on my to-do list! That's a total win!

Pixlr_20171024163609253_20171024165456274To finish up, I'll share with you one last daily layout that I've been absolutely loving, especially as I'm coming towards the end of  another bullet journal.

I often found that in the excitement to set up a new week, I didn't really give my weekend spreads much love. This month, I decided to put Saturdays and Sundays on the same page, but to split the page in half, so that each day had its own space. I then went on to set up timelines and add self care reminders as usual, but because everything was doubled, I had to keep the spread fairly minimal. This was great, though, because my weekend spreads have never looked cleaner or better organized! This format is totally following me into November weekends!

All in all, I think this month was one of the best journal months, both in terms of productivity and functionality, as well as design elements.

Looking Forward

For November, I have a few design ideas floating about, as well as a few tweaks to the month's spreads. I'm thinking of going a little bit more minimalistic, but without losing the artistic feel of my journal.

Alrighty! Since you've stuck with me this far, it's time to reveal the colour scheme for November!
This November, we're going with.....


Blush, grey and gold!

November, to me, is the beginning of winter, when things begin to go a bit more pastel and pale, and the sunlight grows colder, and I think this colour scheme captures the essence of November beautifully!

Now I won't show you my November set up quite yet, but I did put together an amazing moodboard of inspiring images from all over Pinterest, so you can have a look at the kind of vision I have for this month! (Psst! This image is Pinterest-friendly so go ahead and Pin it for future reference! ;) )


Asdjfdkjelo I'm so freaking excited about the next month, you have no idea! We're definitely ending October on a very high note, and I mostly only have you guys to thank!

I hope this roundup has given you some ideas to add to your own bullet journal, and I'd love to see how you apply it! You can tag me on Instagram and Twitter, and I'll definitely have a look!

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Thank you so, so much for all you kind words and encouragement through this difficult but amazing month, and I hope you've taken really good care of yourself too!

I'll see you guys back here on the 1st of November!

Have a happy Halloween if you celebrate it, and if you don't, have a happy Halloween anyway!

All my love,

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